Geo cigar


My photographic life started when my father made my sister and me pose beside signs, plaques and other monuments on our annual family road trips, which was his way of documenting our experience. When I began taking my own pictures as a teenager, I unconsciously expanded on that aspect my father’s work. It didn’t occur to me then, but I had embarked on a journey to create a visual diary of my life experience. The only thread that runs through the tens of thousands of images I have accumulated over six decades is simply, “This is what I’ve seen. This is what interested me.”

If you have looked at the galleries, then you know that people interest me the most. We all have one life to live, and I’m fascinated by how other people are living theirs. My images simply capture people going about their lives; recording natural moments when they don’t realize someone is watching.


George Le Masurier has been taking photographs since he was a teenager growing up in a small Minnesota farming town. He’s shown small collections of his photographs in two solo exhibitions during the 1970s in a community on Vancouver Island, where he now resides, and participated in a group exhibition at The Galley of South Puget Sound Community College.